Crime Prevention Patrols

The Oceanside Citizens on Patrol is comprised of concerned citizens who volunteer their time, energy and vehicles to cut down on crime. Oceanside Citizens on Patrol has over 75 members and an executive committee elected within the ranks to run the day to day routine operations of the group. In addition, other members volunteer to task roles as a scheduler, group leaders and director.

Our volunteer teams observe and report suspicious activities to the police. Vehicle patrols consist of 2 member volunteers who, on a four hour shift cover various areas in the District of Oceanside, looking for illegal activities. COP members participate in foot patrols, park watch, ICBC campaigns and assist in many community events. Volunteers also respond when requested by RCMP and other agencies. Members do not get directly involved if an offense is witnessed, nor do they exit their vehicles unless directed by a police officer. IF they see something suspicious, they make a note of it in their patrol report and if required contact the police to deal with it. Our safety policy is to protect our members first, enabling people of all ages to participate.

COPS Volunteer Placing an Anti-Theft Notice

COP Volunteer Writing a Crime Prevention Notice

COP Volunteer Checking for Stolen Vehicles


District 69 Citizens on Patrol Society (COPS) was founded in March 1993 by a group of concerned citizens who wanted to do something proactive rather than reactive to assist the RCMP with an increase in crime throughout the district.  The forward-thinking RCMP Detachment Commander (Staff Sgt. Williamson) researched the subject and recruited like-minded citizens through a series of "town meetings".  Several local organizations and businesses came on board to donate the funding required to furnish each zone with the necessary equipment.

Through the years the member volunteers have assisted the RCMP by locating missing persons, recovering stolen vehicles, discovering many business break-ins, recovering stolen property, conducting surveillance, conducting regular patrols and noting suspicious vehicles.

In addition members have assisted in parade control, traffic direction and parking supervision at a number of community events.