Fan Out Alert


The Oceanside Community Policing Offices liaise with the RCMP in an effort to get relevant and timely information to the business community. This program is vital to ensuring the Businesses of District 69 (Oceanside) are alerted in a timely fashion to criminal activity in their area of business. A copious amount of volunteer hours are contributed to ensure the business file is up-to-date with contact information and the program is continually being promoted to bring more businesses on line. Currently there are over 300 businesses registered with the Fanout program.


The program in the midst of a full re-vamp in which the database is being updated and changed from a fax based system to an e-mail system. This way, the OCSV can use this database to get real time information, warnings and alerts to the business community. Localized scams, suspect descriptions, Break and Entry alerts, and counterfeit trends are just some examples of the type of information that can be disbursed.