It's Tax (Fraud) Time!

Scam Warning GraphicThe Oceanside RCMP receive several calls this time of year regarding the Canada Revenue Scam.

Background: Residents receive a notification by phone that they owe back taxes as the result of an audit. The fraudster claims that the payment must be made immediately or the RCMP will attend their home and arrest them. The victim is further told that they must phone a certain telephone number without delay, asked for personal information and then told to wire money.

Luckily, there have been very few people who have fallen victim to these high pressure, fraud tactics. Please know, the CRA will not call and threaten you with arrest! Simply hang up the phone. The RCMP, in consultation with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre are investigating these incidents.

If you have been victimized (have sent money) to these scam artists, please call the Oceanside RCMP at (250) 248-6111 to report.

For more information, visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center web site.