National Volunteer Week 2017 - John

OCSV LogoTo celebrate all volunteers and to get you thinking more deeply about volunteering we would like to present stories from our own OCSV members as examples of the satisfaction that being a volunteer in your community can bring. The first is from John, a long time volunteer with the group.



When we arrived in Parksville in 2006 (my wife and I) joined Citizens on Patrol and did, as we are still doing today, night time patrols advising RCMP of any out of sort activities they should check into. We now also do Daytime Patrols in the same manner (as bad guys also work in daylight when people are away from their homes). I found also, that by doing a "Foot Patrol" and leaving "Love Notes" on every vehicle to advise them what to NOT do to get affected by bad guys. I also participate to help keep the public safe in city events such as Canada Day Parade, Ballenas Dry Grad parade, and other community events requiring some assistance. We do nothing that is beyond our capabilities and we have been rewarded by helping people in the community and have had many citizens stop us to say Thanks. Lately we have started taking some time to do Speedwatch by helping to keep people aware of road safety and also reminding drivers re NO CELL Phone use that is hurting many, both seriously and financially. I wish more people would join us and see that together we can make a difference,


If you would like to join John and the rest of the OCSV group, please visit our Volunteer Page for more information.