National Volunteer Week 2017 - Sherwood

OCSV LogoTo celebrate all volunteers and to get you thinking more deeply about volunteering we would like to present stories from our own OCSV members as examples of the satisfaction that being a volunteer in your community can bring. The second is from Sherwood, also a long time volunteer with the group.



Jim and I were set up with cones and the [Speedwatch] reader board just under the tall fir tree with an eagle perch near the top on Highway 19A. It was a nice sunny afternoon with lots of people of all ages playing in the water or on the grass. There were a lot of cars and other vehicles travelling in both directions. Jim and I were watching the women sun-bathing and splashing in the water and avoiding the eagle deposits from above. We were also counting the speeders, travelling over 60 kilometers. An older man and his wife, in a small car, stopped right beside the board and complained to us, using harsh words, about our stupidity causing traffic to slow down. We said, “Thank you for letting us know, that’s why we are here.” They drove off with us laughing. It was a good day.


If you would like to join Sherwood and the rest of the OCSV group, please visit our Volunteer Page for more information.