Phone Scam Story & One Solution

phone scam alert imageI just wanted to let you know that I was almost taken in by a very good scam artist that was portraying their self to be from Best Buy. At 7:20 am on two different days, I received the following robocall: Your account will be debited $399.99 for auto renewal of services for your computer. Press 1, if you wish to auto-renew, or Press 2 to speak to....blah, blah

In the past, when I purchased a new computer, I had paid for technical service (but not for that much money!!!). In my mind, I was thinking that this could be a true scenario. speaking to a "real" person, I told him that I wished to cancel the computer services and he convinced me to enter a website on my computer, in order to cancel. All the while, I was skeptical and asked him to cancel and yet he convinced me that he couldn't do it and I needed to personally do it on the computer....and he wouldn't be asking for any personal information or bank information, but that I needed to connect online to cancel. He wore down my defenses and I typed in the website as indicated: which opened to a Geek Squad page....looked pretty official....then he tried to get me to tell him some number that was on the corner of the page....thank goodness that my son appeared over my shoulder and told me not to do that, as they could have gotten into my computer and then who knows what would have happened.

I have learned a few things that you might be interested to know:

1. By answering a robocall, you are letting the scammers know that this is a real phone number and they will continue to phone! So, don't continue to answer and eventually, they give up! They called me 6 times!!! On the sixth call, I was finally connected to a real person and not just disconnected.

2. Shaw telephone service has an option called "Spam Call Blocking" and it's FREE! Shaw has a list of a kazillion phone numbers that are potential scammers and they block it, before the call gets to you. If you are a Shaw telephone customer, phone: 250.248.3444 and ask for Telephone service. I don't know if other phone services have this option, but worth it to ask! You can also manage this service directly via your web account. According to Shaw, if you use their voice mail system, all calls from know spam numbers will be sent directly to voice mail and your phone will not ring. If you do not use voice mail, the call will be disconnected and you will not know the call occurred.

3. Think, think, and triple-think!!! Best Buy would never use an "8" or weebly in their website address. It would be or

I phoned Best Buy to let them know that their name is being used in a scam and was told that they are aware of this issue, but took pertinent information from me anyway.

Of course, I feel pretty "stupid" for almost falling for this scam....I hope that you'll be smarter than me!!!