Prevent Auto Crime T.H.I.N.K.

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Don’t become a victim of auto crime.

The statistics in BC the past year show a 4.4% increase in auto theft outside of Metro Vancouver.  On the island there was a 16.1% increase in theft from auto in 2019 over the previous year.  One just has to take a look at our latest Crime Report to understand their is a risk of auto crime in our neighbourhood. What can you do to prevent auto crime from happening to you?


T= Take your valuables

H = Hide valuables out of sight

I = Immobilize your vehicle

N = Never idle unattended

K= Key security- Keep track of your keys

Think about the dark unlit areas as a place for increased risk of auto crime. If possible, avoid those areas.  Think about leaving your car unattended in the same spot for long periods of time. Catalytic Converters are increasingly becoming a target for thieves. Don't provide an opportunity for catalytic converter theft.  Other things one can do- keep nothing -even sunglasses, spare change, wallet, all valuables out of your vehicle. Don’t leave duplicate keys inside your auto and the garage door opener in plain sight.

Prevention. Why not get into the 9pm routine where at 9 pm each night check your vehicle(s) to make sure they are secure and take steps to ensure there are no tempting valuables inside.

ICBC supports police enforcement activities. Click ICBC for tips on preventing theft from older vehicles. You may be eligible to receive a rebate for using anti-theft devices in your automobile.

IMPACT, is a crime prevention team responsible for the bait car program. Watch the bait program in action here.