Strategic Plan

1. Our operating environment:

We are fortunate to live, work and play in an area of incredible beauty and with seemingly boundless opportunity for outdoor pursuits, community activities and events. All this with a relatively low crime rate. But we know we cannot be complacent; the very many things that attract thousands of visitors to our communities provide stimulus and motivation to criminals, both local and transient, who every year contribute to incidences of crime and other threats to public safety. These threats require dedicated and coordinated action to ensure we maintain our way of life and provide a safe and welcoming environment to our region’s residents and the people we welcome here. This provides us with a mandate to use our dedicated volunteers in the most effective and efficient manner to deal with issues that are of most importance to the communities we serve.

Our mandate, in part, can be found within the City of Parksville’s 2019-2022 Strategic Plan:

..."Strategic Priority #5 COMMUNITY SAFETY. The City has already started to make strides in this area. In spring 2019, amendments were made to the Traffic Bylaw to regulate solicitation in the downtown core, supplementary to the provincial Safe Streets Act. Council amended the bylaw compliance policy to facilitate more proactive enforcement of City bylaws and officers regularly patrol in the downtown core and Parksville Community Park..."

By maintaining strong partnerships with the RCMP, ICBC, local businesses and other stakeholders with responsibility for public safety, we will be able to provide a relevant and flexible service to citizens and an important gateway into volunteerism for many who wish to serve our communities. This strategic plan sets the course in meeting the obligations we have in our contribution to reducing crime in our communities and keeping its citizens safe.

2. Who we are:

Oceanside Community Safety (Oceanside CSV) is a group of public spirited people who work in partnership with the RCMP, ICBC, the City of Parksville, the Town of Qualicum Beach, the Regional District of Nanaimo and the Block Watch Society of BC to provide public safety and crime prevention information and or programs to residents of the Oceanside area. We serve the northern part of the Regional District of Nanaimo and comprised of areas E, F, G & H as well as the City of Parksville and the Town of Qualicum Beach. This also matches the boundaries of the Oceanside RCMP Detachment and is further delineated by the boundary of School District 69. We maintain two Oceanside Community Safety offices, one in Parksville and one in Qualicum Beach. Our offices are open from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday. The offices dispense public safety and crime prevention information and provide public access to our community safety programs.

3. Our Mission:

Oceanside Community Safety Volunteers, in collaboration with the Oceanside RCMP, is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and crime free community through programs and education.

4. Our Vision:

Strengthening Oceanside communities by offering effective programs that reduce crime and keep people safe.

5. Our Values:

Capable - we are volunteers who are trained, qualified and above reproach

Valuable - we are people helping people by doing what we say we will do

Community focussed - we strive to make a positive difference everywhere we go

Inclusive - we desire our volunteers to reflect the communities we serve

Caring - we provide services to citizens who are vulnerable and at risk

6. Strategic Priorities:

  • Focus on our Core Business

  • Expand and maximize the Keep-In-Touch Program

  • Improve our connection with, and responsiveness to, stakeholder concerns

  • Strengthen partnerships

  • Utilize Block Watch more effectively

  • Modernize our approach in our front offices

  • Use our volunteers more effectively

  • Strengthen our Board

Supporting Goals for Fiscal Year 2020/21

Focus on Core Business

  1. Assess the effectiveness of our programs and identify our core business.

  2. Determine human resource and fiscal implications for re-balancing effort towards core business.

  3. Communicate effectively to internal and external stakeholders the rationale and effect of concentrating on core business.

  4. Set performance metrics for core business. Establish reporting frequency from management to Board.

Expand and Maximize the Keep-In-Touch Program

  1. Conduct SWOT analysis with relevant stakeholders – identify opportunities and impediments to expansion, set objectives to overcome impediments.

  2. Update policy manual to support and sustain KIT.

  3. Establish consistent and systematic approach that all KIT volunteers must adhere to.

  4. Provide training for volunteers and supports so they can meet goals.

Improve Our Connection With, And Responsiveness To, Stakeholder Concerns

  1. Recruit team lead for Stakeholder Relations; create oversight responsibility on the Board.

  2. Establish responsibility, process, and frequency of stakeholder contact.

  3. Create standard turn around for (1) initial response to stakeholder concern, and (2) final resolution.

  4. Continue the re-design of our website, making it more attractive, informative, and navigable.

Strengthen Partnerships

  1. Designate Board Member responsible for Stakeholder Relations to meet leadership of each partner group at least one per year.

  2. Build partner recognition and appreciation tab on website.

  3. Engage partners annually prior to Board commencing strategic planning process.

  4. Include links to each major partner on our website.

Utilize Block Watch More Effectively

Our mandate, in part, can be found within the Block Watch Society of BC s mandate, whereby:

The main objective of the Block Watch Society of BC is to partner with communities to build safer neighborhoods by encouraging residents to take a proactive approach to crime prevention and safety. Through education on target hardening, property marking and reporting suspicious activity Block Watch provides a means for the community to take responsibility for its own safety by reducing the opportunity for crime.

Block Watch Member programs operate under the mandate of the Block Watch Society who in turn provide:

  • Support, training, mentoring and materials to police agencies and community programs

  • Coordinate the link of community programs to each other

  • Provide ongoing training and sharing of best practices

  • Work with police agencies to assist with problem solving, suggesting and supporting strategies for positive change

  • Focus on reducing the risk of property crime – particularly residential and auto crimes

Therefore, we will:

  1. Review biannually, Block Watch coverage within SD 69 and establish specific objectives.

  2. Resource and support team lead .

  3. Work with partner organizations, such as ESS, to reach residents with dual objective of preventing crime while improving public safety.

  4. Work to improve information sharing and cooperation between Citizens on Patrol and Block Watch.

Modernize Our Front Office Approach

  1. Update policy manual containing the duties, requirements, and common standards applicable for volunteers working at the Parksville and Qualicum Beach offices.

  2. Set minimum requirements for computer literacy and provide the training and support necessary that would enable all current volunteers to comply.

  3. Standardize and digitize all forms that support programs, such as KIT. Mandate that these are used.

  4. Expand volunteer pool and duties to ensure the KIT expansion is successful, while also ensuring office volunteers can aggregate management data and information required by management and the Board to assess program effectiveness.

Use Our Volunteers More Effectively

  1. Conduct analysis to establish percentage of active volunteers and determine base level of volunteers required to deliver Core Business.

  2. As part of communicating the Strategic Plan, survey volunteers to establish their level of motivation and engagement and what they need from the Board to be more effective.

  3. Appoint Volunteer Appreciation lead on the Board – research similar organizations and jurisdictions for volunteer engagement best practices. Respond to volunteers concerns.

  4. Establish volunteer skill set and training, with emphasis on training required to deliver Core Business.

  5. Provide regular and meaningful recognition.

  6. Energize the volunteer recruitment process and ensure it is culturally and demographically sensitive.

Strengthen our Board

  1. Conduct recruitment strategy to ensure Board is experienced, effective, diverse, and balanced.

  2. Orient, train, and support Board members so they can be dynamic and confident in the duties they must perform to support the organization.

  3. Ensure high standards of governance and behaviour; structure and conduct Board meetings according to the most appropriate and relevant (to this size and type of organization) standards of order and good conduct.

  4. Ensure a plan for Board succession is in place. Use as part of our stakeholder and partnership work so we are always on the look out to recruit volunteers in general, and Board members so we remain healthy and continue to represent the citizens we serve.