Walk Safe

WalkingWalking is one of the best ways to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. More than ever, people are getting out to enjoy a walk through our beautiful communities. It may be time to ask ourselves what we can do as pedestrians to avoid harm while walking.

According to Retired RCMP officer Tim schewe of Drivesmart BC, there are some inexpensive and easy ways to protect ourselves. Reflective material, whether it be a vest, an armband or even trim on your clothing is the first step toward becoming a safe pedestrian. No batteries are required and these reflectors don’t break, leaving you unprotected. Bright LED arm bands are another inexpensive and highly effective safety item to consider.

Remember also, when using a crosswalk, assume that drivers can’t see you. Stop at these intersections, square yourself to the crossing and ensure you have made eye contact with the stopped motorists prior to entering the roadway.

For more road safety tips please visit Drivesmartbc.ca