Why Is The Highway Designed That Way?

DriveSmartBC LogoDo you ever wonder why some aspect of the highway that you are driving on has been designed that way?  It starts with the Transportation Association of Canada's Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads, is supplemented by the Geometric Design Guidelines for B.C. Roads, may require compromise due to local conditions and ends up being what you see through your windshield.

I Have a Question for You

Some time ago I wrote to the engineer in charge about the speed limit of 90 km/h at intersections with traffic signals on the Inland Island Highway. I requested an explanation of the limit at these intersections and also why the 90 km/h limit was placed so far away from the intersection. Not only do most motorists ignore the limit at the intersection, I would guess that 100% ignore the limit where the signs are posted.

I never received an answer.

The police have advised me that it is necessary to slow to 90 km/h at the sign although there seems to be no logical reason to do so.

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