Quality Foods Teddy Bear Picnic - July 9, 2016

Join your Oceanside Community Safety Volunteers and meet the RCMP's Safety Bear on Sunday, July 9th, the the annual Quality Foods Teddy Bear Picnic.  The event starts with the Lions Club pancake breakfast from 8 AM to 10 AM. The picnic runs from 11 AM to 2 PM which includes family fun, mascots, food and games. Kids, be sure to bring your favourite teddy bear to register for special events.

Top Cop Reading

The primary goals of the Top Cop Reading Program are to encourage reading and encourage more parental involvement in their child’s reading and education. The Program is designed to promote relationships between families, police, public libraries and elementary students. It will also provide students with an insight as to how the R.C.M.P. functions as a police force. This is accomplished by incorporating the R.C.M.P. rank structure to recognize reading success.

RCMP Safety Bear

RCMP Safety Bear imageThe RCMP Safety Bear is a volunteer dressed in a large bear costume wearing the RCMP red serge jacket and the hat and brown belt. Safety Bear does not talk, so is accompanied by an assistant/handler.