Crime Watch Report - January 25 to 30, 2017

Detective1) 2017-696 On January 25th, an attempted theft of vehicle was reported to have occurred in the 300 block of Morison Avenue in Parksville. The complainant discovered that his vehicle was unlocked when he to leave for work in the morning. He saw that his glove box was open and appeared rummaged through. When he tried to start his vehicle the ignition had been damaged and the vehicle would not start.

Fraud Awareness

Anti-Fraud GraphicThe Community Safety offices receive many inquiries about fraud and scams in the Community. We asked the Oceanside RCMP for a few simple tips to avoid victimization. As prevention is the best way to combat fraud and identity theft, consider adopting the following prevention tips to avoid victimization:


Left Turn Surprise!

DriveSmartBC LogoA signal light does not provide you with any protection when you make a left turn. This simple fact was discovered by a lady who slowed as she approached her driveway, signalled for a left turn, saw a truck approaching in her rearview mirror and started to make the turn. To her complete surprise, the truck passed by her on the left and they collided corner to corner.


Measuring Vehicle Speeds With Laser

DriveSmartBC LogoHave you ever wondered about the instruments that the police use to measure vehicle speeds on our highways? My favourite tool was the laser because it gave me the ability to accurately measure the speeds of individual vehicles even when they were in a group on a busy highway. Although the laser had to be used from a stationary position, either hand held or on a tripod, I was willing to trade my moving radar for it when I worked on busy multi-lane highways.