The World is My Ashtray

DriveSmartBC LogoI found myself waiting for a red light behind another vehicle this week. That vehicle's driver had his window down, his elbow on the sill and was holding what was left of his cigarette between left thumb and forefinger. I knew exactly what was going to happen: one last drag on the butt and flick, away it went into the ditch.

COVID 19 Update - Parksville June 10, 2020

City of Parksville Logo

The City continues to focus on the essential services our residents rely upon while exercising caution as we provide limited in-person services, working towards a full resumption of regular services in a gradual and cautious manner. We are encouraged by the recent information and statistics on COVID 19 rates from the province that show the community’s efforts have dramatically reduced the spread of this virus in our region and on Vancouver Island. We are cautiously re-opening outdoor amenities and allowing recreational activities to resume in accordance with the provincial requirements. Following the advice of health officials has served us well and we continue to mitigate the risks associated with COVID 19.



Police DogOutside of the lower mainland there are 25 police dog service units covering Northern, Central, Vancouver Island and Southern BC. Canine units have proven to be a valuable service. Service ranging from tracking suspects to search and rescue to narcotics and substances detection.

Block Watch

Block Watch LogoBlock Watch is an extension of what you may already be doing on a daily basis. Many of us have watched our neighbour’s home for them when they are away. Under Block Watch, that watchfulness is broadened and becomes more systematic. All residents participating in the program will get to know each other while keeping an eye out for each other. The program involves two commitments.

Parksville: Gradual Resumption of City Services

City of Parksville LogoThe City of Parksville takes COVID-19 (Coronavirus) seriously and follows the direction of the Provincial Health Officer. This information will address the partial reopening of City of Parksville offices in the Parksville Civic and Technology Centre. We are focusing on the essential services our residents rely upon and will continue to exercise an abundance of caution as we provide limited in-person services starting June 1 and work towards a full resumption of regular services in a gradual and cautious manner. Visiting City Hall will be very different from before the closure in mid-March; however, most importantly, we are committed to keeping the public and staff safe.