Property Identification


The Community Safety Offices are proud to offer engravers to members of the general public, free of charge. Engraving valuables is a deterrent to burglars, increases your chance of getting items returned after theft and enables police to identify items as stolen which could lead to arrest.


Should a member of the public want to borrow an engraver, they need to be informed of the following:

Medical Alert Kit

Oceanside Community Safety has a program available to all persons who regularly take physician prescribed medications.

If First Reponders attend a residence with a patient unable to respond who will speak for them?

Business Watch

As a service to the local business community, a member of the RCMP can be contacted in order for a visit to be arranged. The Oceanside RCMP can check the premises, including the perimeter, doors, windows and other areas of concern. The RCMP member will then advise of the changes that could make the business less susceptible to criminal activities.
If interested, call Michael Dally of the Oceanside RCMP Detachment (250) 248-6111

Crime Prevention Patrols - FAQ

What time of day do patrols go out?

Patrols can be scheduled either during the daytime or evening. It usually depends on the availability of volunteers and recommendations of the RCMP.

Are vehicles provided or do I have to use my own car?

Patrols are conducted in the volunteer's vehicle

With the high cost of gas, do I receive any financial compensation for doing patrols?

The driver of the patrol vehicle receives partial compensation for gas since the majority of patrols log upwards of 50 -100 km

Community Watch

Known in the past as Citizens On Patrol, our Community Watch volunteer teams observe and report suspicious activities to the police.

Bicycle Patrols

This is a new initiative for our group. Patrols by bicycle are now being done in Parksville and Qualicum Beach.

Foot Patrols

Volunteers participate in foot patrols, park watch, ICBC campaigns and assist in many community events. Volunteers also respond when requested by RCMP and other agencies.

Vehicle Patrols