Parking in the Wrong Place

DriveSmartBC LogoImagine leaving your vehicle in the parking lot at the local strip mall, walking over to a business to conduct your shopping and discovering that it is no longer where you had left it when you return about 15 minutes later. My first thought would be that my vehicle had been stolen. This was not the case for a lady from Kelowna though. She had parked in stalls designated by a sign for one business and done her shopping at another.


Distracted Driving in BC

No Cell PhoneWhen we think of distracted driving, most of us immediately consider cell phone use. While this might be the most common example used in distracted driving campaigns, it is certainly not the only one. Any action that takes the drivers attention off of the driving task is distracting and is to be avoided. This month the provincial distracted driving campaign is telling us that the second leading cause of collision fatalities in B.C. is not being properly focused on operating your vehicle.

Quality Foods Teddy Bear Picnic - July 9, 2016

Join your Oceanside Community Safety Volunteers and meet the RCMP's Safety Bear on Sunday, July 9th, the the annual Quality Foods Teddy Bear Picnic.  The event starts with the Lions Club pancake breakfast from 8 AM to 10 AM. The picnic runs from 11 AM to 2 PM which includes family fun, mascots, food and games. Kids, be sure to bring your favourite teddy bear to register for special events.