Keep Children Safe

Every school day, unless otherwise posted, a 30 km/h speed limit is in effect in school zones from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In playground zones, a 30 km/h speed limit is in effect every day from dawn to dusk.

On Vancouver Island 65 children walking or cycling are involved in crashes every year.

Do your part to help keep children safe and teach your child to be a safe pedestrian with these tips and educational publications.


Motorized Scooter

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Something just caught my eye before I accelerated out of the four way stop. It was a flag atop a scooter that was entering the crosswalk at what appeared to me to be moving at quite a clip. My heart was racing and I shuttered to think of what may have happened if I had not seen this person. I exhaled forcefully and reflected that yes, this is an example of a good reason to come to a complete stop at a stop. Without those few extra seconds the outcome may have been completely different.

On the other hand, what about the scooter rider? Are they considered a pedestrian and what are the rules for a motorized scooter?



Corona Virus ImageWith the recent upward trend in COVID19 cases, OCSV would like to remind our volunteers to be extra vigilant to protect yourself, friends and loved ones.

Be aware and refresh your knowledge with these tools.