Using Your High Beams

DriveSmartBC LogoOur provincial driving guide, Learn to Drive Smart, says the following about using your high beam headlights: "Use the high beam setting only on unlit roads at night when there aren’t any vehicles approaching or in front of you." The companion Tuning Up For Drivers adds "Your high beams help you see further, but remember to dim them when another vehicle approaches (before the other driver’s high beams start to bother you)."

Community Watch Thwarts Black Bear Break In

Community Watch SignTwo of our volunteers were on patrol during the evening of Tuesday November 17, 2021 when they checked an RV in the Little Qualicum River Village strata. As they drove by at around 11:00 pm they noticed movement coming out of a door that had been left open. The patrol stopped and observed a medium sized black bear walk out of the RV, lick it’s lips and amble over to the side of the lot.

How Does LIDAR Speed Measurement Work?

DriveSmartBC LogoHave you ever wondered about the instruments that the police use to measure vehicle speeds on our highways? My favourite tool was LIDAR because it gave me the ability to accurately measure the speeds of individual vehicles. Although the laser must be used from a stationary position, either hand held or on a tripod, being able to target a specific vehicle made it superior to RADAR on a busy highway.