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With the recent upward trend in COVID19 cases, OCSV would like to remind our volunteers to be extra vigilant to protect yourself, friends and loved ones.

Be aware and refresh your knowledge with these tools.

RDN Maps Coastal Flood Hazards

RDN LogoThe Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) has completed a project mapping flood hazards along the coast and is making the maps available to the public. Developed for the RDN’s Sea Level Rise and Climate Adaptation Program, the maps show land susceptible to flooding from the sea, providing vital information for flood mitigation, land use planning and emergency management.


Winter Driving

Winter Emergency Kit

Winter conditions can be challenging for even the most experienced driver. A driver’s chances of being injured or killed in a crash dramatically increase during BC’s winter driving season, which runs from Oct. 1 to March 31. Here on the island casualty crashes nearly double from approximately 19 in September to 37 in December. At times our driving skills are pushed to the limit when winter weather – fog, rain, snow and ice make roads more hazardous.

Spending some time now to prepare for winter can lead to a safer travel with these tire tips.