Anti-Lock Brakes

DriveSmartBC LogoAnti-lock brakes (ABS) have gone from being a novelty to being present on most vehicles today. Have you read and understood the section of your vehicle owner's manual on this vital safety system? Contrary to popular belief, ABS does not always mean shorter stopping distances.

Your brakes do their best to stop your vehicle just before it's wheels stop turning. This is called threshold braking and it takes practice and skill. In an emergency, it also takes a cool head to not simply apply as much pressure as possible to the brake pedal, lock up your wheels and hope to skid to a safe stop.

The trouble is, skidding is not as good as braking and it takes away your ability to steer. This is why we learned to pump the brakes back in the days before ABS. Press the brake to initiate threshold braking and back off if the wheels skid, then press again to get back to the threshold.

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