Are You Prepared to Evacuate?

Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program LogoThe recent disaster in Lytton should cause us all to stop and take stock of our own situation. If an emergency were to occur here, would we be ready to look after ourselves or lend a hand to our neighbours? Relying on the government to step in and tell us what do to is not a valid plan. Government will be busy trying to keep the situation from getting worse and may not be in a position to lend a helping hand at the time that you need it most.

It's up to you to plan and prepare ahead of time. The Regional District of Nanaimo's Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program is a resource for developing your own neighbourhood plan and a connection to other groups in the region. The Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program manual is a good place to start.

In it Together: The Neighbourhood Preparedness Guide is another useful reference from the Province of BC. It can be found along with a number of other guides in the PreparedBC Guide Library. Titles for download there include:

  • Household Preparedness Guide
  • Pandemic Preparedness Guide

  • Flood Preparedness Guide

  • Wildfire Preparedness Guide

  • Earthquake and Tsunami Guide

  • Landslide Preparedness for Homeowners and Buyers

  • Guide for Apartments and Condos

  • Resources for People with Disabilities

  • Prepare Your Pets Guide

  • Guide for Small Business

  • Guide for Tourism Operators