Back to School

DriveSmartBC LogoWe place a high value on our children and signify that with school and playground zones. Traffic is required to slow to the lowest speed limit that we normally post and drivers are expected to pay more attention than usual. Students must get to and from school safely. Having said that, sometimes the greatest danger in a school zone is presented by parents and teachers.

One sunny morning I was conducting speed enforcement in an elementary school zone. Shortly after 8:00 am I caught my first offender, a teacher from that school. She was less than impressed with being ticketed and said so.

Shortly after the teacher entered the school the principal came out and approached my police car. He thanked me for working in the school zone and invited me to return often. By the way, the teacher you ticketed is expecting me to tell you to get lost. She doesn't need to know what I really said, does she?

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