Block Watch Program

Block Watch is a program of  neighbours helping neighbours. The Block Watch Program is a FREE community-based crime prevention program administered by Oceanside Community Safety and Oceanside RCMP. Residents on a street or in a strata form a communication chain, aided by a block map of names, telephone numbers, and addresses. They make a commitment to watch out for each other’s homes, and report suspicious activities to the police and to each other. They also keep each other informed about neighbourhood occurrences, burglary, thefts, and other crimes or problems occurring on their street.

Block Watch Logo

What does Block Watch Provide?

  • Training for Captains & Co-Captains
  • General home security tips
  • Tips to prevent theft from or of motor vehicles, RV’s, etc.
  • Personal Safety tips
  • Block Watch window stickers
  • One Block Watch street sign
  • Newsletters to keep you informed of current crime trends, home security, Block Watch events, and much, much more!
  • How to properly recognize and report crime and suspicious activity to the police
  • In most incidents, a general reduction in crime
  • Continued Oceanside RCMP partnership
  • A greater sense of safety among residents

In addition your local office may be able to provide:

  • The use of an engraving pen to mark your valuables
  • A RCMP Constable, RCMP Auxiliary Constable and/or Oceanside Community Safety member to attend your first meeting and/or Block Watch event.

How Can I Get Involved?

Visit our Parksville Oceanside Community Safety office, 100 Jensen Avenue East, the Qualicum Beach Oceanside Community Safety office, 660 Primrose Street, Tuesday afternoons,or email

If your street does not have an active Block Watch, someone must volunteer to become the Block Captain and enlist the help of Co-Captain(s). All Captains and Co-Captains must be approved by the Police. This merely involves the completion of an Application form below.


Block Watch Volunteer Application Form

Block Watch Streets List