Community Watch Thwarts Black Bear Break In

Community Watch SignTwo of our volunteers were on patrol during the evening of Tuesday November 17, 2021 when they checked an RV in the Little Qualicum River Village strata. As they drove by at around 11:00 pm they noticed movement coming out of a door that had been left open. The patrol stopped and observed a medium sized black bear walk out of the RV, lick it’s lips and amble over to the side of the lot.

The bear then stood there for over 10 minutes, roughly 20 feet away, watching the volunteers. It was probably waiting for them to leave so it could go back in for seconds!

The pair were finally successful in scaring the bear away so that the RV could be checked for occupants. Luckily there wasn’t anybody home at the time, but the place had been thoroughly ransacked by the bear.

The Conservation Officer Service was contacted and a report made.

The volunteers checked back once more around 12:00 am and the bear had not returned.

The community was alerted through social media which reported multiple accounts of that bear in and on peoples property over the last few weeks.

The following morning our volunteer was contacted by a local conservation officer. She asked for assistance in obtaining permission from the strata to place a bear cage trap. The strata council was provided the officer's contact information, and she was able to place a trap the next day. In less than 24 hours the habituated black bear was captured and removed by BC conservation.

A cat living in the RV at the time was determined to be abandoned. The SPCA was advised and picked up the cat to provide it with proper care.

The residents of the RV have been absent for quite a while. Given the fact that the bear was captured right behind the RV,  he was probably intent on making it his home for the winter.