Dogs Riding in the Back of Pickup Trucks

DriveSmartBC LogoJust mention the words "truck ride" and our dog becomes your shadow. Like most dogs, she refuses to be left behind when someone is going for a drive. Being a lap dog, she rides inside and thinks that the right front seat is hers, although she will happily let people sit underneath her.

Larger dogs are often not granted inside status and ride in the back of pickups and other vehicles. Here is what our Motor Vehicle Act has to say about that:

Transporting animals

172 A person commits an offence if the person transports a living animal on the runningboard, fender, hood or other exterior part of a motor vehicle unless a suitable cage, carrier or guard rail is provided and is attached adequately to protect that animal from falling or being thrown from the vehicle.

If your truck has a cage, carrier or guardrail attached to it that keeps the animal inside, you are good to go, at least as far as this legislation is concerned.

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