Heavy Truck Tip Overs

DriveSmartBC LogoI've noticed something that concerns me in my travels lately, and that is the single long, narrow, curved tire marks that begin about two thirds of the way into a corner and end when the curve does. They don't appear in the traffic lane in the lateral position that one would expect of a vehicle travelling where it should either. These are weight shift marks and indicate a heavy transport truck on the edge of overturning.

Heavy trucks are a different sort of beast when it comes to travelling around a corner. In your car or light truck if you travel into the curve at too high a speed you begin to yaw because there is not sufficient friction available to stick your tires to the road and force your vehicle to follow the curve.

Heavy trucks have a much higher center of mass and are acted on differently by the forces encountered in the curve. Before their tires lose traction on the road surface the forces through the center of mass are sufficient to tip the combination over, starting at the rear end.

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