Highway Closures

DriveSmartBC LogoWe have come to expect that our highways will always be open to us to use at any time under all conditions. When something occurs, such as a serious collision, some drivers still think that their convenience takes priority over all other issues and the highway should not be closed to them.

This was the case yesterday when Errington firefighters were directing traffic for a collision at Errington Road and the Alberni Highway. Drivers were aggressively disregarding instructions aimed at keeping the scene safe for emergency personnel as well as to share the open lanes with the traffic that was present.

Any highway closure is actually the responsibility of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, usually accomplished through the Road Maintenance Contractor. Vancouver Island Highway Patrol has agreed with the Ministry that closures of 30 minutes or less in duration can be managed by the police. Similar agreements may be in place elsewhere in our province.

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