Left Lane Blockers

DriveSmartBC LogoWhen I used an unmarked car for enforcement, one of the tactics that I would use on multi-laned highways involved finding a vehicle traveling at the speed limit in the left hand lane. I would take up a position in the right hand lane a few vehicles lengths back and wait. It did not take long before another driver was dangerously close to the vehicle that I was following, trying to bulldoze them out of the way.

After watching for a few moments to make sure that the second driver would not establish a safe following distance, I would pull over that  vehicle and ticket the driver for following too closely. Almost invariably the driver would complain about the vehicle in front and ask why I had not ticketed the first driver for failing to get out of the way. I would respond that I preferred to write the ticket for the offence that was the more dangerous.

In the conversation that followed, it was made clear to me that the bulldozer felt that the left lane blocker (aka: Left Lane Bandit) failing to get out of the way was more serious than they were by severely limiting their ability to react if something unexpected occurred.

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