Making an Unsafe Lane Change

DriveSmartBC LogoI hope that most drivers subscribe to the Two Second Rule under good driving conditions and increase the following distance when the situation is not ideal. It certainly makes sense to leave sufficient room between your vehicle and the one you are following to create a safety margin. Why then do some drivers make lane changes that force the driver behind them into being a tailgater?

When I was being taught to drive the instructor said that I was not to make a lane change until I could see all of the front of the vehicle behind me in my center rearview mirror. This would insure that there was a safe distance between us when I did move over in front of the other driver. Unfortunately, it appears that this has been forgotten or is not being taught to drivers today.

Leaving enough space before changing lanes in front of a semi is critical for safety. Heavy commercial vehicles can have as little as 50% of a light vehicle's braking ability. For this reason alone, you do not want to be in the No Zone in front of a truck.

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