March is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

ICBC LogoMarch is distracted driving month in British Columbia and ICBC would like to remind you to give your complete attention to the driving task. Police will reinforce this message by focusing enforcement action on those drivers who fail to heed this advice. Even if you're not using your phone, you may still be distracted. Any diversion of your attention away from the safe operation of your vehicle, like chatting with passengers, eating or drinking, or adjusting radio or vehicle settings, can contribute to distracted and inattentive driving.

  • More than one in four fatal crashes on B.C. roads involves driver distraction.
  • You're five times more likely to crash if you're using a hand-held phone while driving.
  • While cellphone usage rightly gets a lot of the attention, distracted driving includes any activity that impacts your ability to focus on the road while in control of a vehicle.
  • ICBC is inviting eligible drivers to participate in our telematics pilot project starting June 2019. We're hoping to determine whether using this technology can improve road safety and driving behaviour for inexperienced drivers in B.C.
  • Police across the province are cracking down on distracted drivers this month.