May is High Risk Driving Motorcycle Awareness Month


Motorcycle safety

Whether you're a rider or a driver, these safety tips can help prevent motorcycle crashes and serious injuries.

Training and years of riding experience can make the difference when it comes to avoiding a crash. Reduce your chances of crashing or being seriously injured by following these safety tips:

  • Practice emergency braking and obstacle avoidance. Brush up on core skills in a safe place like an empty parking lot if you haven't ridden for a few months.
  • Be seen. Do your best to stay out of a driver's blind spot.
  • Watch drivers for clues. Never assume they’ve seen you or will give you the right-of-way, they may not accurately judge your distance or speed.
  • Use your signals. Let drivers know what you plan to do so they can anticipate your next move and react in time.
  • Plan your path prior to a curve. Look where you want to go and then adjust your lane position and speed to exit smoothly.
  • Ride at a safe speed. Manage your speed to leave ample time to stop or steer out of a vehicle's path.

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