Speed Watch

Speeding in residential neighbourhoods is one of the most frequent concerns of the RCMP. The SPEEDWATCH program encourages residents to become involved in addressing speeding problems. Often motorists who speed in residential areas are unaware of the effect their actions have on the peace and safety of those streets. SPEEDWATCH is a public awareness program in which concerned citizens can take an active role in solving the speeding issue by raising the public awareness of the actual speed motorists are travelling.

Speed reader board at roadside

How SpeedWatch Works

SPEEDWATCH patrollers utilize signs displaying the authorized speed limit and portable RADAR equipment plus an electronic display board to instantaneously display the speed motorists are travelling. Statistics are recorded and relayed to ICBC and the RCMP to compile information on problem speeding areas and speed patterns throughout the communities.

Speedwatch site setup

Benefits of SpeedWatch

The SPEEDWATCH program will help to address specific traffic problems through:

  • increased police awareness
  • public and community education
  • city traffic and transportation information
  • neighbourhood action

Speedwatch volunteer with handheld radar