Traffic Watch

Oceanside Community Safety's Traffic Watch program covers three separate activities, Cell Watch, Intersection Watch and Speed Watch.

To request more information about these programs, please select the Speed Watch category on our Contact Form.

To request a Speed Watch deployment in your neighbourhood, please submit a Speed Watch Deployment Request.

Cell Watch

Volunteers survey passing traffic, watching the drivers for acts of distracted driving such as texting, talking on a hand held cell phone, having an animal on their lap or eating. The data collected is shared with the RCMP, ICBC and may be found on this web site.

Intersection Watch

Volunteers observe drivers at an intersection to check compliance with traffic laws and remind drivers of their obligations. The data collected is shared with the RCMP.

Speed Watch

Speeding in residential neighbourhoods is one of the most frequent concerns of the RCMP. Speed Watch encourages residents to become involved in addressing speeding problems. Often motorists who speed in residential areas are unaware of the effect their actions have on the peace and safety of those streets. Speed Watch is a public awareness program in which concerned citizens can take an active role in solving the speeding issue by raising the public awareness of the actual speed motorists are travelling.

Speed reader board at roadside