Turning at Intersections

DriveSmartBC LogoIntersections are dangerous places. Yielding right of way is probably the main concern, but the path you travel through one is just as important. Some drivers are so sloppy with their technique that they activate the traffic signals by driving over the detection loops in the oncoming lane when they exit the intersection!

As you approach an intersection, your ability to turn there may be controlled by signs and pavement markings. Scan for these signs and markings, being prepared before you arrive at the intersection. They are not suggestions, you must follow their directions. It is possible that the turn you hope to make will not be permitted.

If you are turning right at an intersection, you must approach and exit as close as practicable to the right hand curb or edge of the roadway. If there is no curb, remember that the roadway ends at the solid white line on the right, or if there is no solid white line, then the edge of the pavement.

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