What to do at a New Green Light

DriveSmartBC LogoI watched the driver on either side of me this morning on my way to work. We were stopped waiting for a red light and I could see that both of them were totally focused on the that light. Neither one of them moved their heads and immediately started off when the light turned green. What a wonderful example of blind faith!

The two most likely sources of conflict for a driver facing a fresh green light are drivers who sped up on the yellow to beat the red light on the cross street and drivers who are turning left from the oncoming lanes.

Drivers who speed up approaching a yellow light are choosing to increase the risk that they will run the light if they misjudge and it turns red. Drivers who proceed on the green without doing a 180 degree scan of the intersection first are inviting a broadside or "T-bone" collision. This type of collision is likely to result in severe injury for the passengers on the side of the vehicle that is struck.

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