Why Volunteer

Citizens On Patrol   Evenings are too quiet at home. I don't get out enough. I am worried about crime in my neighborhood. I want to feel safe. Should I volunteer with OCSV? I did join and...

Here I am, safe and secure, in a car with my phone nearby. The police know I am out on patrol on the lookout for any suspicious activity. In the drivers seat beside me is someone I hardly know. Just met and now partnered up on patrol. A partner with a similar concern over public safety and also wanted to get out and do something with that in mind. We drove around town looking up and down this avenue and that street. I was blown away at the number of businesses I had never new existed before. Not to mention new neighborhoods.

My mind was reeling with thoughts about what could be happening in the dark of night. With that in mind my senses became heightened for unusual sights and sounds. I began questioning my observation skills between conversations with my new patrol friend.  How would I describe that person over there walking on the sidewalk. I continued watching and observing.

The evening came to a close and patrol was over. Even though we did not see any suspicious activity, I realized just how little a span of time in a huge land area we covered. I realized there are so many neighborhoods and so many streets . We could really help to keep our community a safer place if we could have patrols in every area and every night. I look forward to patrolling again. Will you join us?