Are You Prepared to Evacuate?

Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program LogoThe recent disaster in Lytton should cause us all to stop and take stock of our own situation. If an emergency were to occur here, would we be ready to look after ourselves or lend a hand to our neighbours? Relying on the government to step in and tell us what do to is not a valid plan. Government will be busy trying to keep the situation from getting worse and may not be in a position to lend a helping hand at the time that you need it most.

When Drivers Kill

DriveSmartBC LogoI've often thought to myself over the years that if I ever wanted to kill someone the best way to do it would be to drive over them. I would wait until I found them stepping into a crosswalk and make sure that I hit them while I was turning onto the street they were crossing. I would then screech to a halt, return and scream "Oh no, I didn't see them, I'm sorry!"

Four Way Stops

DriveSmartBC LogoWho goes first at a 4 way stop? The concept should be simple, first to stop, first to go. However, when more than one driver stops at the same time the situation becomes a bit more complicated. Do you know who to give the right of way to?

Load Security

DriveSmartBC LogoA reader asks about an incident where a ladder had fallen off a truck traveling on the highway. The driver following behind the truck took evasive action that resulted in a collision. This question raises many important issues including hazard avoidance, duty at a collision and load securement.