Transferring Licence Plates

DriveSmartBC LogoMoving licence plates from one vehicle to another is not just a simple matter of being able to use a screwdriver. Many people run into trouble when they try to move their plates to a substitute vehicle and don't do it properly. Of course, this could look like small change in retrospect if that person were to cause a collision before being discovered by police.

Emergency Preparedness Week May 1 to 7, 2022

neighbourhood emergency preparedness program logoEmergency Preparedness Week is coming up, May 1 to 7, 2022. During Emergency Preparedness week, the RDN Emergency Services Department will be offering a series of informative webinars, hosted on Zoom, to help residents become as prepared as possible. Plus, they will be launching their “26 Weeks to Emergency Preparedness” on social media, so residents can follow along and take steps each week to get prepared!

Street Racing

DriveSmartBC LogoAn incident that took place in Surrey on March 26 was headlined as street racing, which brings to mind the following questions: How is "street racing" defined? How do the courts recognize street racing as opposed to, say, speeding? And why are the rules currently on the books for things like speeding, reckless driving and endangerment alone not harsh enough to apply to street racers?