Highway Closures

DriveSmartBC LogoWe have come to expect that our highways will always be open to us to use at any time under all conditions. When something occurs, such as a serious collision, some drivers still think that their convenience takes priority over all other issues and the highway should not be closed to them.

Emergency Management 101

Emergency Management OceansideWhat is an emergency?

An emergency is defined as a present or imminent event or circumstance which:

  • Is caused by accident, fire, explosion, technical failure or the forces of nature.

  • Requires prompt coordination of action or special regulation of persons or property to protect the health, safety or welfare of a person, or to limit damage to property.

Nominating the Driver

DriveSmartBC LogoThe state of New South Wales, Australia has just tightened their rules on intersection safety camera violations. Companies were not nominating the drivers of their vehicles who were responsible for the violations as that state requires. This amounted to approximately 7,000 events that drivers were not held accountable for.

Abandoned Vehicles in Rural Areas

DriveSmartBC LogoQuestion: We live in a rural area and came home to find a vehicle parked on the road near but not obstructing our driveway. It appears to have broken down. It's number of days now and the vehicle is still there waiting to be retrieved by its owners. What is the proper process for reporting an abandoned vehicle if in fact no one does come for it and if they don't, what would be the suggested route to follow in having it removed?

Flashing Traffic Lights

DriveSmartBC LogoA motorist will encounter three types of flashing traffic signals, red, yellow and green. Learn to Drive Smart, BC's Safe Driving Guide gives examples of each situation on page 37, but the law set out in the Motor Vehicle Act is more descriptive. Let's examine each case and see what is required.