Crime Watch Report - November 11 to 16, 2017

Detective1) 2017-10358 On November 11, Oceanside RCMP received a report that 14 heavy duty batteries had been stolen from the train signal box near the Alberni Highway and Despard Ave in Parksville. The batteries are valued at approximately $7000 and have no specific identifying markings. The complainant stated a number of battery boxes all over Vancouver Island broken into in the past year.

Speed Watch / Cell Watch Data - September 2017

Exclamation SignTwenty two combination Speed Watch and Cell Watch deployments were made by Oceanside Community Safety's Community Watch during the month of September, 2017. Of 10,494 vehicle checked,  570 or 5.4% were traveling at more than 10 km/h over the posted speed limit with the highest deviation being 102 km/h in a 70 km/h zone. 40 drivers were observed doing some form of distracted driving.


Crime Prevention Week 2017 - Digital Citizenship

Crime Prevention in Changing Times LogoThe digital domain has changed how people of all ages perceive, interact with, and respond to the world around them. Innovations in technology has provided children and youth with new opportunities for learning, both in and out of school. It has enabled students to connect with learning communities around the world. Social media has provided society with an immersive environment to connect and interact with each other.