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Something just caught my eye before I accelerated out of the four way stop. It was a flag atop a scooter that was entering the crosswalk at what appeared to me to be moving at quite a clip. My heart was racing and I shuttered to think of what may have happened if I had not seen this person. I exhaled forcefully and reflected that yes, this is an example of a good reason to come to a complete stop at a stop. Without those few extra seconds the outcome may have been completely different.

On the other hand, what about the scooter rider? Are they considered a pedestrian and what are the rules for a motorized scooter?



Corona Virus ImageWith the recent upward trend in COVID19 cases, OCSV would like to remind our volunteers to be extra vigilant to protect yourself, friends and loved ones.

Be aware and refresh your knowledge with these tools.


Know when there is an Emergency

Voyent Alert!

allows residents, businesses or visitors to receive messages through an app, text message, voice call or email for critical events such as extreme weather or wildfires. As well, a user can opt in or out of day to day communications such as Service Alerts and Public Notices for recreation and parks alerts, watermain flushing and more. Registration for the service is free, simple and totally anonymous. 

Firefighter Recruitment

FirefighterParksville and Qualicum Beach Firefighter Recruitment on Now

Firefighting offers both personal and professional challenges. As well as extensive professional training in all aspects of firefighting, the benefits of being a volunteer firefighter include community recognition and personal satisfaction, the chance to make new friends, develop skills as team members and be involved in community activities; from firefighting and rescue to public education. The departments also offer junior programs for those under the age of 19.