Long Weekend Counter Attack

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This B.C. Day long weekend, our roads will be busy. Some people will be planning for a getaway and others visiting local parks and restaurants. Over the B.C. Day long weekend, on average, 75 people are injured in 330 crashes on Vancouver Island every year. No matter what your plans are, if you plan to drink or consume cannabis, don't drive.

Police will be setting up CounterAttack roadchecks across the province to get impaired drivers off our roads. If you're caught driving impaired, you could end up paying in a number of lasting ways – from increased insurance premiums to fines, car impoundment or even jail time.


Advisory Bike Lanes

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There is current discussion about an Advisory Bike Lane on Richardson Street in Victoria in order to encourage more cycling than vehicle transportation. An ABL was constructed in a student dominated low volume neighbourhood  Somerset Street East in Ottawa, ON. It was built as an affordable option until the road was rebuilt. The design- two way vehicle traffic using one lane with a bike lane on each side.  How does traffic flow with an ABL?



Slow Down and Move Over

Safety Cone

Hundreds of roadside work zones will be set up across BC this summer, and every day, tens of thousands work alongside our roadways: first responders, tow truck operators, landscapers, flag people, road maintenance crews and more.

Roadside work can be dangerous. Thousands of drivers will travel through these "Cone Zones", which places roadside workers at risk. Between 2010 and 2019, 13 roadside workers were killed and 204 were injured and lost time from work as a result of being hit by a motor vehicle. "Slow down and move over it's the law" What are the laws and penalty?



Driver Licensing


 ICBC launches online booking system for in-office driver licensing appointments.Starting today, ICBC is moving to an appointment-based system for most driver licensing office transactions.

As customer volume increases, ICBC is asking customers to book an appointment before visiting an ICBC office for transactions, such as driver licence renewals and knowledge tests. This ensures that ICBC continues to adhere to physical distancing guidelines set by the Provincial Health Officer.