road safety

Be Prepared

shift into winter logoIt’s important to be prepared if you have to drive snowy, winter roads. Along with slowing down, it’s important to have good winter tires and check them regularly as low temperatures can reduce tire pressure. Pack a winter emergency kit in your vehicle in case you get stranded or stuck. Your kit should include:

The Difficulty With Stop Signs

DriveSmartBC LogoOne wouldn't think that stopping at a stop sign would be such a problem for drivers. It seems relatively simple, come to a complete stop, look both ways and then go if it is safe to do so. With the poor compliance rate, we should ask is the stop sign the best form of traffic control for intersections that are not controlled by traffic signals?

Pedestrian Visibility at Night

DriveSmartBC LogoI read an article recently about conspicuity for police officers working on the highway. It suggested that the reflective vests and jackets that we use to stand out and be identified by drivers at night were not very effective. A driver had to approach closely when using low beam headlights to see a reflection, and the reflections that were seen did not immediately suggest that what the driver was looking at was a pedestrian.

So Why Do You Text & Drive?

No SmartphoneThis short video from the Western Cape government Safely Home initiative will have you rolling on the floor with laughter — before it punches you in the gut. Paired with the hashtag #itcanwait, the video emphasizes that nothing is more important that getting home safely without hurting yourself or others. Of course, the thought applies just as well here in Oceanside as it does in Africa. Leave the phone alone and just drive.