Volunteer Position Description

Purpose: Oceanside Community Safety Volunteers (OCSV) is a group of public-spirited people, under the leadership of a volunteer Board of Directors.  OCSV works in partnership with the Oceanside RCMP, ICBC, the City of Parksville, the Town of Qualicum Beach, and the Regional District of Nanaimo (areas E, F, G & H), and the to provide public safety and crime prevention information and/or programs to residents of the Oceanside area.  OCSV is a member of the Block Watch Society of BC.

OCSV is the amalgamation of District 69 Citizens on Patrol Society, Community Policing Offices of District 69 and District 69 Speed Watch. The founding organizations were established in the 1990’s to engage with residents and the Oceanside RCMP.

Volunteers will participate in initiatives and activities which may include speed monitoring, distracted driving surveys, auto crime prevention, patrolling, community development projects, various community events, and 529 Garage bike registration stations.


  • Learn and promote safety and crime prevention information to the general public
  • Adhere to strict safety standards while conducting activities, participate in additional and ongoing specialized training as required
  • Attend program meetings and training as required and in addition to regular shift commitment

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Be at least 19 years of age.
  • Be a person of good character.
  • Have a mature and reasonable attitude.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license (required for some activities).
  • Possess a basic level of proficiency in the use of computer programs (e.g., email and web browsing) and use of mobile phones.
  • Ability to work in a team environment.
  • Achieve and maintain the appropriate level of security clearance.
  • Have no business or employment conflicts of interest.
  • Understand that all information, written or spoken, that volunteers come in contact with in performing their role with Oceanside Community Safety, shall be treated as confidential.

Orientation and training:

All volunteers are required to complete orientation training which includes an overview of the OCSV mission, vision, and values.  The new applicant will have access to training and orientation through some or all, of the following methods:

  • Direct classroom training.
  • Video tutorials.
  • Training by Team Leads in classroom and field settings.
  • Documents and tutorials available on the OCSV website.
  • Other training and instruction as the required.

The new volunteer will be partnered at the outset with a designated volunteer trainer or Team Lead for each of the OCSV program areas of interest to the volunteer.  A new volunteer will participate with a trainer until the volunteer is sufficiently trained to work alongside other peer volunteers.

All volunteers must exhibit a willingness to adhere to the rules governing the activities and the programs, follow directions, be reliable and punctual, and participate and cooperate with other volunteers in a positive and friendly working relationship.

Ongoing training and development will be available on a regular basis.  This training will be completed through the various methods noted above and will consist of a variety of topics.  Information may not be specific to the volunteer activities; however, it will be relevant to OCSV in the community and will provide education and increase the awareness about safety in Oceanside.

Time commitment:

A volunteer is expected to make a commitment of four hours per week, and preference will be given to volunteers making this commitment. However, some people prefer to volunteer on an “as required basis”, which is acceptable as long as the Office Team Lead is made aware ahead of time.  The volunteer must continue to attend training / general meetings and the Annual General Meeting.


  • Work in partnership with police, staff, and volunteers, assisting in crime prevention initiatives with the goal of making the community safer
  • Learn about the RCMP, Community Policing, and crime prevention techniques
  • Meet new people from your community with similar interests and belong to a community minded team
  • Learn team building and leadership skills
  • Skill development


  • Complete an OCSV application, which can be obtained at the Parksville or Qualicum Beach OCSV office.
  • Complete an interview with the Program Manager or an OCSV designated representative.
  • Submit their OCSV application form to the Oceanside RCMP for a no-charge Police Information Check (PIC). In order to submit the PIC, it must include a ‘letter of intent’ from OCSV on letterhead.
  • OCSV Volunteer Application 2024
  • Attend an overview presentation about Oceanside Community Safety.
  • Attend training for the specific activities in which they wish to volunteer.